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No Go Day

Thursday the 26th Sept

No Morning Glory today. Got up and went through the motions. Saw a cloud go through before daybreak but know one got up in it.

We all took aff in different directions. John and I went to the north-east and others went to the south. We chased a cloud bank half way to Karumba but it turned out to be just scrappy cloud blanket. Small cloud was encountered to the south for only a short while by some of the others and one crew said they got a very small cloud out to sea close to Sweers Island but it wasn’t working.

The day was very hazy and still.

Nice Sunrise but no Morning Glory

Nice Sunrise but no Morning Glory

2 thoughts on “No Go Day

  1. Tracey

    Hi Grant, great to meet you and John in Burketown this year! I enjoyed reading your BLOG and seeing the pics! You might want to see our video from the cloud here;

    You and John make a cameo appearance! Feel free to share the video.



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